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Description: October 15, 2014 ALDGEATE AVE / WANSKA BASEMENT installation of solid wood staircase 13 width 40 inch height: 7.25 inches , Cover with plastic tape to protect the stair from wear and nail the PLYWOOD plate


Description: November 18, 2014  address MCCOWAN / STEEL installation of solid wood staircase 8


Class width 36 "RISER height: 7.25 inch stair board thickness 1. 5 inch according to customer's request direct installation and completion


January 28, 2015 address ALDGATE installation of solid wood staircase this staircase is composed of two parts. The first part: the stair steps and the platform join together, the stair step 4 steps, the height 7.25 inches, completes the width 40 inches, the staircase foot both sides has already opened the half inch tunnel, waits for the later oneself to install the glass, the platform width 40 inches * 40 inches;

The second part: from the platform to the second floor of the integrated staircase, because it is not easy to lift, it is necessary to use a crane directly to the second floor to install the second part of the staircase steps 7 and 3, the height of 7.25 inches, complete the width of 40 inches, The stair steps are made of MAPLE


Description: on March 14, 2015, HILLCREST removed old handrails, sticks, and installed new handrails, new iron sticks, and NOSING did not replace. Here are two front and back contrasts.


Start work on June 19, 2015, remove all of the client's old stair panels, handrails and sticks, and replace the main stair with new solid wooden staircases, and replace the handrails from iron to solid wood, with a more comfortable and warm texture, Replace the stick with a new black iron column with two posts  in the first stage starting position. The column is made of oak OAK, width 3. 5 inches and height 40 inches. 

Make the handrails more powerful and sense of security, so that the overall visual effect of the house has been greatly improved.


Start work on August 21, 2015 at HILLCREST, remove the old handrails of the BASEMENT staircase, and make new arc handrails at the site according to the direction of the staircase. The new handrails are rubber glue of oak material, OAK, and other handrails, which will be polished at a later stage. Open round edge and add a new column to the first staircase to make the elbow and handrail more powerful and strong.


Install a new NOSING, for the second floor and a new OAK oak handrail, and a small iron stick


On December 23, 2015 to MISSISSAUGA to install the BASEMENT column, the handrail, the small stick project, the big post 4.5 inches, 40 inches tall, stands on the first stair board, left and right symmetry, very beautiful; The height of the left and right handrails is the same, and the white sticks give a very smooth feeling


On January 10, 2016, move to the solid wood staircase that BASEMENT plans to install, remove the old staircase first, then move the whole solid wood staircase straight, adjust the level state, install. No color. Solid wood staircase 9 level width 36 "RISER height: 7. 25 inch stair board thickness 1. 75 inch stair foot thickness 2 inches, red oak durable


October 28, 2016 photo number IM9878 to ALDGATE install glass and armrest, glass thickness is half an inch, the depth of the staircase foot is 4 inches, when making the staircase foot has opened a glass slot, the foot thickness of the staircase is 2.5 inches, the width of the glass slot in the armrest is half an inch, The depth is half an inch, the armrest material is MAPLE white maple. When installing glass, the stair foot and armrest are coated with glass glue to make the glass more stable. Install glass armrest after the whole room, more atmosphere, luxury!


On March 28, 2017, the whole wooden staircase was installed at the new site in MURVEL AVE. The beam height was 10 inches, the width of the stair board was 40 inches and the height was 7.25 inches. The stair board and side board were both solid wood, and were fastened with plastic adhesive paper and PLYWOOD board after completion.


From June 2018 to BLUE MOUTAIN install NOSING, handrails, columns, remarks: NOSING, handrails are all oak OAK, handrails 37 inches above the ground and 40 inches tall


August 2018 to MARKHAM and MCCOWAN installation of arcuate solid wood staircase, 18, because the staircase is too large, can only be assembled on site.

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